What Will The Top 2023 Web Design Trends Be?

The world of web design and development is constantly evolving, as technology advances and fashions in graphic design come and go. A modern and user-friendly website is crucial to attract and retain a core customer base, so it pays to review and refresh your website on an ongoing basis. Here’s a look at some of the biggest trends for 2023. 



More use of 3D artwork

The virtual reality world of the metaverse is touted as the next big development in the online world, although for the majority of us, it will probably be several years before it becomes a part of our everyday lives. However, we are starting to see the aesthetics of the metaverse creep into graphic and web design.

More advanced methods of rendering 3D artwork on screen mean that more sophisticated multi dimensional images, illustrations, and animations will become a common feature of websites. Company logos and typography trends will see more rendered 3D shapes, with greater subtlety and depth in colour, shading, and even texture. 

3D images and animations can help to make a website feel more unique, welcoming, and personal, so expect to see a lot more of this trend in the future.


More remote collaboration tools

As the world moves ever more online, and many people now work, shop, and socialise through a screen. As this becomes the new norm, expect to see interactive features such as file sharing and platform cross functionality. The need to have a responsive website that is accessible across all platforms and devices will become more important than ever. 


More creative use of typography

The integration of typography and fonts as part of the overall website design will be more popular going forward, according to Creativebloq. This marks a departure from the era when there was only a limited number of web safe fonts available, and it also reflects the increased migration of print publications online. 

Expect to see more websites basing the whole layout around minimal typographic designs. There will also be more experimental approaches to font and logo design, which may be a reaction to the overused minimalist Helvetica style fonts that have dominated the corporate visual landscape for the past couple of decades. 

The minimalist approach will be replaced with a more customised and hand drawn look. This lively aesthetic will be taken up by new startups who want to distinguish themselves from the pack, and appeal to a fresh audience. 


More organic DIY layouts

Following on from more artistic font styles, some websites will be eschewing the clean and pared back style that has become the go-to look for many web designers. These sites will have the latest functionality and user friendly features you would expect to find on a website in 2023, but the design will focus on a more old-school and handmade aesthetic.

Scrapbook style layouts with elements of collage and hand drawn illustrations will be a popular design style for brands who want to create a more natural and personal website. 


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