Red Flags That A Website May Need Redesigning

There are few fields that are blisteringly paced as web design, and you can often tell exactly when a website was designed by its layout and priorities.

Effective and efficient web design is more important than ever, as opting for the wrong web development strategy can cost you vital conversions.

Here are some red flags that your website might need redesigning.


It Is Too Cluttered

Early websites pushed every single iota of information they could onto their front pages, often out of necessity due to the limitations of Web 1.0, and ever since then, successive web design revolutions have focused on simplifying websites as much as possible.

A simple layout is more inviting to a customer, is more suited to adaptation for mobile audiences and allows you to prioritise the core elements of your business you want to get across. Let customers seek out the details if they want them.

Customers Struggle To Find What They Want

Websites need to appeal to a lot of different customers at various stages of their journey, from the curious to the driven. The more complex your website is, the more confused customers will get and the less likely they will convert.

A good way to evaluate this is to create a few example customer journeys and count the clicks it takes to find what you are looking for. As well as this, ask if this is the most intuitive way your site can be.

It Is Overly Intrusive

The temptation to grab a customer immediately and bombard them with deals, offers, invitations to join newsletters and all sorts of other information is understandable, but much like how an overly enthusiastic sales pitch at the door of a shop can be off-putting, too much intrusion can make someone click off the website quickly.

Calls to action are obviously important, but limit pop-ups to just one, and avoid elements such as auto-playing videos.