Different Website Layouts And How To Choose The Right One

The layout of your website is an important way to enhance user experience and boost conversion rates. It is more than just an arrangement of the visual elements on the page; a good web layout drives traffic and helps to keep visitors engaged and loyal. This in turn leads to higher conversion rates and sales.

Here is a look at some of the most popular web layout styles and how to choose the best one for your business.

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Grid layouts 

Grid layouts use a matrix of rows and columns to display images and information in an orderly way. It’s a popular option for ecommerce websites where there is a lot of information to display on each page that needs to be seen at a glance. For best performance, the grid should be structured with HTML semantic elements

Grid layouts are ideal for displaying multimedia content because they have fast and efficient loading times. When designing a website with a grid layout, it’s important to keep in mind that the overall effect should be clean and uncluttered. This can be achieved by making effective use of whitespace and keeping the image sizes consistent.

Single column layouts

Single-column layouts are a simple and straightforward design for a minimalist look. They are often used for personal websites rather than by businesses, because they are ideal for displaying blogs and portfolios. They display well across multiple browsers and devices, and have fast loading times. 

If you have a lot of content that requires different categories and additional features, then you will find a single page layout too limited. 

Fluid layouts

Fluid layouts are highly responsive, meaning that they will instantly adapt to almost any screen size. This offers browsers a consistent user experience across multiple devices and therefore it is a very popular choice for ecommerce sites. Fluid layouts do require advanced coding skills so it may be best to work with a professional web development company.

Full screen layouts

A website with a full-screen image or video background is a fashionable choice for high-end websites that want to have that extra wow-factor. They can look sophisticated and stylish, helping to intrigue the viewer and entice them to take the next steps. 

Full screen websites are a great option for a business with a lot of visual elements to showcase, such as a graphic design or interior design company. However it’s important to use high quality images and this may result in slower loading times, which can increase the bounce rate. They also have less impact on mobile screens.

Magazine layouts

The magazine layout seeks to replicate the format of the traditional print news format online. Therefore it makes use of multiple content blocks and can display a mixture of text and images in a visually appealing and coherent manner. They are ideal for news media websites and other content-heavy sectors.

They can be challenging to design well so the coding may need to be outsourced to a white label development agency