5 Ways That AI Tools Can Enhance Your Website

The key to a well performing website is keeping on top of the latest advances in technology to ensure that your users will always have the best experience. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one tool that can really take your website to the next level and ensure that site visitors convert into regular customers. 

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However, the scale and pace at which AI is changing the digital landscape can seem rather overwhelming. With so many advanced technologies available, how can you know what will work best for you? Here are some of the most frequent ways that AI is currently used to enhance websites.

To improve customer experience

Good customer service is vital to the success of any business, whether in the physical world or online. Chatbots are virtual assistants that may have a negative image with some people who feel that they are depersonalising. 

However, these tools are not intended to replace human interaction entirely, but to deal with routine enquiries and help the user journey around the website. They can also handle more advanced tasks such as processing orders and booking appointments.

They can provide instant answers 24/7, avoiding the frustration of being kept on hold on the telephone for long periods, or waiting days for a reply to an email. This not only provides a more satisfying experience for customers, but also frees up staff to deal with more important work. 

To enhance accessibility

All websites are required to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to meet the needs of people with disabilities or impairments, and standards are likely to be toughened up in the future. Websites with high accessibility standards rank more highly in Google and can be used by a broader range of customers.

Therefore it is important to ensure that your website is as accessible as possible. AI tools can help with this in several ways. For example, they can provide translation and captioning services for people with hearing impairments, and automatically provide alt-text for people with sight impairments. 

To provide a more personalised experience

AI machine learning can collate data from site visitors and customers, and produce tailored content. For example, it can make recommendations based on browsing history or past purchases, make suggestions for content reading, and produce targeted offers and promotions. This encourages customer engagement and loyalty.

To enhance overall web performance

AI tools can be used to identify any areas of your website that are not performing efficiently, such as a particular page with a high bounce rate or a page that is not attracting as many visitors as it should. 

All the details about user behaviour, traffic and conversion rates can be constantly monitored and adjusted to optimise loading speed, boost conversion rates, and more. 


Advanced usability testing

Testing is crucial to get feedback on how efficient and intuitive a website is. Thorough testing relies on a huge number of inputs, including the location of the user, dwell time, pages or sections visited, bounce rates and more. AI can help to track and present this information in a clear and easy to understand way.


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