4 Simple Tips To Boost Website Sales

Although the outlook for the UK economy is not as dire as was first predicted earlier this year, there is no doubt that we are living through tough economic times. The cost of living crisis is still hitting household budgets hard, and consumers are being very careful about where they spend their money.

All this makes running an e-commerce business even more challenging than usual. However, it is also an opportunity to work on cultivating a loyal customer base, which is often cited in the business community as being one of the most important strategies during an economic downturn. Here are some simple website improvements to consider.


website sales


Check out the page loading speed

A few relatively simple tweaks and changes to your website can help to enhance your customer experience in ways that you may have overlooked. One of the first things to do is check out your page loading speed. Slow loading pages mean that potential customers are more likely to go elsewhere, and it also leads to lower Google rankings.

A quick way to improve your page loading speed is to simply replace large images and files with condensed ones. If your website is on a WordPress platform, there are various plug-ins available that can clean up the code and help achieve faster loading times. Other options include upgrading your hosting service to gain more bandwidth.


Include short explainer videos

The video is an increasingly important part of an e-commerce website. They encourage more dwell time, and the longer a visitor spends on the website, the more likely it is that they will convert to paying customers. 

Videos can also be used as part of your social media marketing strategy, which is a low cost and effective way to raise your brand profile. Include relevant keywords in titles and descriptions to boost your SEO rankings.

A video allows you to explain how to use your products more fully than text. You can also use it to address your customers most frequently asked questions and demonstrate how it can solve their problems. There’s no need to spend on high budget production, as a decent smartphone will have a good enough camera to record a two minute explainer video.


Review your customer journey

How user friendly a website is can make or break an e-commerce business. Try visiting your own site from the point of view of a customer searching for your best selling product or service. 

How quickly can it be found from the initial landing page? If you do not have shortcuts and call to action buttons for your most popular products on your homepage, you could be losing customers. Make the buttons stand out by using a bold contrasting colour. 


 Boost your customer service

Great customer service is crucial, especially during lean economic times when you want to maintain a competitive edge in a tough marketplace. Simple changes such as adding a live chat feature to your website can help to retain customers and increase levels of engagement and satisfaction with your service. 


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